Harsh comments are welcome to comment, please do infact to help me
RP world, done PvM and PvP with fair ease as well as being playable 1-40 death cost 6000xp at lvl 10
Familar: Red Dragon Wrymling ( PseudoDragon )
Race:( Human )
Alignment: CE


Str 11
Dex 15
Con 12
Wis 10
Int 13
Cha 15


1 - Sorc 1 Dodge, Expertise
2 - Sorc 2
3 - Sorc 3 ExtendSpell
4 - Sorc 4 +1Dex
5 - Sorc 5
6 - Sorc 6 WepFoc-Dagger
7 - Sorc 7
8 - Sorc 8 +1 Cha
9 - Sorc 9 Mobility
10 - Sorc 10 Intimd 4
11 - Sorc 11
12 - Sorc 12 Cha+1 Spring Attack
13 - Sorc 13
14 - Sorc 14
15 - Sorc 15 Whirlwind
16 - WM 1 +1 Str
17 - WM 2
18 - WM 3 WepFinn
19 - WM 4
20 - WM 5 +1 Dex lvl 5 WMfeats
21 - WM 6 ImpCrit-Dagger
22 - WM 7 lvl 7 WMfeat
23 - WM 8
24 - WM 9 +1 Dex EpicWepFoc-Dagger
25 - WM 10
26 - WM 11
27 - WM 12 TwoWep
28 - Sorc 16 +1 Cha
29 - Sorc 17
30 - Sorc 18 Ambidexterity
31 - Sorc 19
32 - Sorc 20 +1 Cha
33 - WM 13 Prowess, ImpTwoWep
34 - WM 14
35 - WM 15
36 - Sorc 21 +1 cha, SpellCraft must be 22, EpicSpell Dragon Knight last time to change spells
37 - WM 16
38 - WM 17
39 - WM 18 Great Dex
40 - WM 19


Str 12
Dex 20
Con 12
Wis 10
Int 13
Cha 20

unknow total(minus 8 intim cross, 22 Spellcraft)
0 leftover i think
32 Con
44 Disc
30 Heal
27 Intim
23 Spellcraft
15 Taunt
5 Tumble
HP: 259(not max

AC: 18 naked

AB: 33/28/23
BAB 22
Spells being the godsend, Familar also grows up for the epic spell dragon knight

Saves ..start/end-

Fort: 17
Reflex: 24
Will: 20

***** ***** ***** ***** *****
griphook Touched format up for easier reading + added ending stats

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You need Expertise to qualify for Whirlwind Attack.

And I wouldn't bother with this class combo at all, especially like that. If you really wanted a Sorc/WM, didn't you think of using fighter to help qualify at all???! It's unfocussed and the WM levels do not suddenly grant you super AB as they'd usually do. You neglected to fill in the ending stats. Posting those is a requirement here for a build - otherwise post it in the Build Request Forum which also doubles as a place for fleshing out concept build. Nor would I bother with the Two Weapon Fighting feats so late in life. You're adding stats all over the place and I'm not sure if this guy can even cast 9th level spells by the end (final CHA?) and you took 21 levels of Sorc and you won't get any metamagic feats at all. Not to mention crappy HP when WM HP is usually low.

HINT: have an aim in mind when you build. Aimless building = lotsa trash. And please do state that aim when introducing your build.
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I agree with Jenna but for the expertise thing; he actually took it at first level Jennalee your comments are most welcome, thank you
Restrictions on the server ment only Sorc lvls for that legacy PrC ment something on this server, ending stats were mistake
21 sorc for epic spell dragon knight, have extend from 6. While it remains fairly scattered i found it played easy enough.
I should as you said put a reason/aim on these chars but yeh learning ropes on how to post here. Also for the fighter thing i rather the classes werent changed, but a improvement within that build.
This build is built on RP while it really was the worse melee i ever played the experince was good Taking fighter levels pre-epic will probably get your AB higher than 19 levels of WM and get you much needed feats - allowing you to take WM earlier, and allow you to take more metamagic ones. If your basic concept is a spellsword, it won't really change that build concept - it will improve on it. You can't really do too much to improve on it with those classes only.
.:\_/:. Only those who have known darkness in
(OvO) their hearts will see the shadows in life...
.."..".. I'd agree on taking some fighter-type class levels before 20 to improve your attack abilities.
Am not too well versed on WM, but I think the benefits are limited to +2ab for the 6 wm levels

Here's something I thought of, it's not checked by any means but just the kind of thing you could do:
The Chaotic Caster:
[Barbarian gets uncanny dodge - keep that dex bonus!!; and also gets intimidate as a class skill, plus fighter attack progression, decent weapon selection.. um, I'll stop the list now ]

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
At lvl1 Max Intimidate (4). That is the most important one.
On Barbarian/WM Levels: Max Discipline
On Sorcerer Levels: Max Spellcraft and Concentration
On Both: Cross-class Tumble. It's worth it.

Level1 Barbarian - Dodge; Expertise

2 Sorc1
3 Sorc2 - Weapon Finnesse
4 Sorc3 - +Dex
5 Barb2
6 Barb3 Weapon Focus (*Rapier or ShortSword)
7 Barb4
8 Barb5 - +Cha
9 Sorc4 - Mobility
10 Sorc5
11 Sorc6
12 Sorc7 - +Cha; Spring Attack
13 Sorc8
14 Sorc9
15 Sorc10 - WhirlWind
16 WM1 - +Dex; WeaponOfChoice (*Rapier or ShortSword, as chosen above)
17 WM2
18 WM3 - ImpCrit (*Rapier or ShortSword)
19 WM4
20 WM5

At lvl20; Naked unbuffed armed with just a plain half penny rapier, the character should thus have:
Base Attack: 15 (ooo so close.. just one ba from 4 attacks a round :C );
AB: +21/+16/+11
Crit Range: 15-20 (x3)

Have not projected to lvl40; but already it seems to be potentially much better ab. And uncanny dodge.

*ShortSword is better for dualwielding BAB (small weapon), but Rapier is better for crits. Depends on what your PW is more geared towards..

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Funny thing: I thought I beat jenna to the punch, but I'm seein that I guess I didnt click submit after all! Oh well, she beat me to it.

The thing I am wondering (and, keep in mind Im all for nifty class combos), what is the point of a sorc/wm? There are absolutely no synergies between these 2 classes. In fact, they seem to be the farthest UNRELATED classes you can find (even blackquard and paladin share their common love of smiting). The thing is, you hamper your sorc by taking the qualifyin for wm, and wm gets nothin much from sorc lvls. The only way I can see this is if you had more ab, WHICH can happen if you took extend spell after wm. This way you may hit the 16 ab required to have a semi-decent meleeist. The downside is that sorc doesnt give much to a melee char.

If you see it differently, please enlighten me! To do a melee sorc, paladin brings a TON more to it. NOw pal/sorc/wm would be something... But its hard to pass up rdd when you make a sorc/pal

just my 2 cents

Peace Khandahr your post is appricated but i do not want to stray from the 2 classes used
Avado its simple the legacy(skin i suppose you would say) allows only sorc/wm, apart from not being able to multiclass anymore a pally would not suit the the faction. As you said there is little poiny to mix them together but when forced like so(i quite enjoyed playing it even being so weak), i just want to see how others would of approaced such build. Getting to epic on this server is no easy feat so taking extend early was better i had given thought to RDD but that required more than being able to get the prereqs and clicking on class
Thank you HINT: mention that it's an RP build in your post and where you're playing it and the circumstances yada yada. A story might be nice too
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(OvO) their hearts will see the shadows in life...